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    7 memory creating strategies

7 tips to create the event of the year!

Make your event unique with our very best tips! 

The trick is to make ALL guests feel special and appreciated.

Exactly! As in: "you are our VIP, and this day would not be the same without you."

Why? Fundamental psychology. Who doesn't want to feel special and important?  

Personalized invitations, unique place cards and thorough preparation are some of our tips for creating the unique experience that guests remember and talk about.

Many of the ideas can be used for any occasion: either for your private birthday, a wedding or a confirmation. These tips also help you plan a successful company event such as an anniversary reception, a press event or a smaller conference.  

Unique invitation

Today most invitations are sent by e-mail. There are many advantages to that, but if you want to stand out from the crowd, send a unique and personalized invitation by snail mail or by courier.

Here are our tips for some extra sparkle: 

Get a trained calligrapher to write the guest's name on pre-printed invitations with beautifully curved letters. For added luxury, the sender can be calligraphed on the envelope, which is closed with a nice seal and monogram or logo.

You can also design your own unique invitations, for example in collaboration with MUI Cph or Wood Hazel.

Send the invitation along with a small gift or gimmick: a bouquet / box of flowers, chocolates, sparkling confetti, or another little something that is expected to match the guest's taste and favorite flavor / color / flower. Think about how the gift can support your theme / message.

Especially for private events, it is a hit to send handmade invitations that show how much time (= love) is spent on preparing this special event. You cn get ideas from Panduro and Søstrene Grene.

Warm and personal welcome

Agree who will welcome the guests. If possible, make sure there is at least one who knows all the guests. This way everybody will feel welcomed and included. 

If there are any "new" guests, it may be a good idea to make sure that the hosts are prepared - a few photos from Facebook can make all the difference: "Nice that you could come, you are Cecilie from Corporate, right?".

It may also be a good idea for the hosts to have some form of uniform or badge for easy identification.

Tell guests where to hang their jackets, where the toilets are and where to go. If possible, start the conversation by introducing guests to other guests. Feel free to ask questions to initiate conversations. Offer a glass and / or something to eat. Please inquire about their preferences.

Let guests unfold creatively

Co-creation is an effective method of engaging guests. Who would not like to join the party and fun instead of being a passive spectator? What can you think of that will suit your particular event or party? Here are a few examples that may spark ideas: 

Make a small do it yourself-project to take home - cake decoration, a hair clasp, herbal snaps, a soap, personal perfume or…? Use your theme and not least your knowledge about the guests to get a good idea that arouses joy.

If it is a private party, it can be a fun idea for guests to create a piece of art or a memorial wall. Or perhaps they can be inspired to participate in the entertainment.

If you are planning an in-house company event, a joint work of art or a song that creates a feeling of community can be a brilliant idea. Get an artist / copywriter or other appropriate profile to act as a facilitator.

If the guests are your customers, press people or influencers, then you can consider involving the guests in some kind of workshop. For example, ask about their input and feed-back for new products, observations, designs and the like. 

Serve food and drink that guests will love

Asking about preferences and allergies before the event is a great idea. That way you are sure that there is something everyone can eat and drink.

More and more people have special regimens, they follow regarding diet, and if you take care of it with delicious dishes, the more these guests feel seen and appreciated. Many vegetarians find that the alternatives they are served at parties and events are not only meat-free but also without taste!  

The food does not have to be expensive and made by the city's best chef to make guests feel spoiled. Make an effort on the styling of the food and surprise your guests with things most haven't tasted before. As an example, you could serve delicacies from countries such as Korea or Peru. Or maybe a menu based on local ingredients from a farmer you know. Anything with a story ...

One of the trends of the time is "Social Dining", where food is served in portions for the whole table or a group of guests who are then passed around and shared. This makes it easier to get the conversation going at the table and creates a cozy atmosphere. Catering Company Anora specializes in this kind of serving. 

You can also surprise with the drinks. How about glitter wine from Aviva or Sparkling Tea ?

Take the concept of place cards to brand new heights

There are place cards and there are place cards... Here are a few creative ideas that actually decorate the table. Always be guided by the table setting and the theme of your event / party when it comes to the final choice:

Why not turn floating helium balloons into place cards? Leave the name-adorned balloons tethered to a balloon weight on the table or tie it to the chair. Available at Bows & Balloons i Copenhagen.

Beautifully cut place card in acrylic material or wood (available at eg Creative Wood) decorate the table and many guests will bring it home as a keepsake.

At byRavn , you can get beautiful leather straps with embossed names that can be used as a nice keychain - see above.

Maj from bemy.dk can put guests' names on just about anything. For example on beautiful satin ribbons that can be used for a small gift or as a place card.

Table Setting Events

The queen of cakes, Annemette Voss, developed in collaboration with the company Creative Wood an idea with a round acrylic plate that served as both the cover plate and place card. The names of the guests for her 35th birthday were engraved in the plate. The back was painted in shades of pink and coral that matched the flowers on the table. An idea that is easy to copy.

At Luxit.dk we have found fine bottle-shaped place cards with gold tassels, perfect for a bachelorette party or wedding

Have a skilled pastry maker make a cake for each of your guests, which is beautifully hand-decorated with the guest's name in glaze. Daniela from Les Petites Pasteleria is an exceptionally skilled cake baker who can supply such unique "place cards".

Give a small gift

In Anglo-Saxon countries, there is a tradition for giving a small gift for each guest. Often it's simply a small box of chocolates or mints. But here, too, there is the opportunity to make the gift more personal: You can decorate it with a beautiful calligraphed name on a small card or with a fine silk ribbon adorned with the guest's name. A small handwritten greeting also arouses joy.

Try googling "wedding favors" for more inspiration.

One of the more creative takes on small gifts is a hang-over kit , which may contain a face mask, water, chewing gum, headache tablets and the like.

In the case of a corporate event, guests often expect to receive a goodiebag . It can be decorated with the name of the receiver or contain a personal greeting. If possible, give the recipients the opportunity to choose some of the content according to their individual needs and preferences. The bag above is designed by BeMy.dk.

Follow up on the event with a “Thank You”

Many send a thank you card after a wedding or confirmation. As with the invitation, there are many opportunities to make your "thank you" more personal and unique.

Be specific when thanking someone. Did they contribute with something specific or do something special that you can thank them for? If it is a wedding or a confirmation, of course, there is a gift to thank them for. But maybe the guest gave a speech, helped with preparations or something else you can express a special thank you for.

It may also be a good idea to send a small "thank you" to guests at a company event. Let the person in the company who has the closest relationship with the guest be the sender of your greeting. 

It is a good idea to make sure to take pictures of all guests at your party / event. Review the photos and send the best of them along with your message(s) to the guest.  Perhaps you have a hashtag that you would like guests to use if they share photos from the event that can be included in your note?

My selfie is one of several providers of "selfie cameras" that ensure unforgettable memories of your memorable party or event.  

Event and party planning

If you need help arranging a corporate event or private celebration, please do not hesitate to contact us. We plan and conduct most events here in blank venues, but also do event planning for events that will take place in other venues.

Contact us for a customized offer:

A unique invitation with beautiful calligraphed text and envelopes with seals - eg. with help from Copenhagen Calligraphy

At Luxit.dk we have found these fine bottle-shaped cards with gold brooms that are perfect for a bachelorette party, romantic wedding or confirmation.

A slightly different envelope gift for your guests: Bags for a "Hangover Recovery Kit" from Luxit.dk with things that can take the top of the next day's hangover and sweeten life.

A round acrylic plate that served as both the cover plate and board. The names of the guests are engraved in the plate and the back hand painted.

Bemy.dk specializes in making personalized gifts and experiences - for example, these beautiful silk bands with names that can be used for small gifts for your guests.

Bemy.dk can put guests' names on just about anything. For example, on a beautiful satin ribbon that can be used as a table card.

The tablecloth can also match the party theme, like here for a christening. The beautiful swans are from Creative Wood.

Personalized goodie bag or envelope gift is from bemy.dk.

You can find punched wood and acrylic table cards at eg


Helium balloons decorated with guests' names form a unique table cover! Get balloon names made at Bows & Balloons. Photo: celebrationsathomeblog.com

Embossed leather tablecloths that can be used afterwards, such as by key ring from byRavn

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